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Anti-Static Eliminator
Anti-Static Eliminator

Main Characteristics
1.Consistent, uniform winding gives more robust and stable performance.
2.More powerful static neutralization, lower electrical stress and increased reliability.
2.Imported capacitor with good pressure-resistant and temperature-resistant.
4.Easy installation.
5.Adopt oil immersed-type high voltage transformer, which overcomes the easy short circuit and sparking of epoxy resin casting high voltage transformer.
Anti-Static Eliminator suit to SHXJ serise plastic bag machine,DFHQ serise plastic bag machine,DFR serise plastic bag machine

Technical Parameters

Model 16KV
Input Voltage AC220V
Output Voltage 16KV
Rated Power 250W
Output Mode Direct Tryp/ Capacitance Type
Cover Material Plastic
Working Way 24h continuation


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